How to Effectively Visualize to Create the Life You Want to Live

If done correctly visualization is VERY POWERFUL and can get you anything you desire. It doesn’t cost any money, but it does require that you have an open mind.

Relaxation is important when visualizing…

You must be in a positive state of mind. Find a quiet place like your bedroom, closet, bathroom, or any getaway spot. Usually optimal timing is early morning or at night but whatever works best for YOU is fine.


When in your quiet place close your eyes and begin to relax. Slowly take deep breaths taking yourself deeper and deeper to your place of comfort.

Just relax, don’t make it difficult…

When READY, begin to visualize what it is YOU want.

If it’s a vacation…

Visualize the location. Begin to see the landmarks, the people, the conversations. Feel the weather, smell the air, and take in all the sounds. See yourself as if you were actually there and begin to immerse yourself fully into  that environment.

Let your imagination run wild…Don’t hold anything back!

Practice this at least once a day, but preferably two to three times daily anytime you can get 5-15 minutes to yourself. Do not stop until your goal happens.

Make it a habit!

Always put yourself in a positive state of mind. Believe that you will have it. Expect that it is already yours for the taking. Start off with small goals and begin to work your way up to bigger goals as you become more skilled with your visualization.

Motivational speaker Les Brown says, “If you can see it, you can believe it!” Begin today to start seeing the things you want in your life. Alter your way of thinking. Become proactive, instead of reactive.

Focus on bringing nothing but good into your life.

Constantly focus on visualizing how you want your life to be and then create it.

Action is key…

And it all starts with visualization.

Best Wishes!

I gave up…


I gave up…

-Caring what others thought about me.
-Being afraid to change.
-Listening to negative people.

Crazy right? I know…

But something happened when I gave up on
those things and began going after the life I desired.

…My life changed!

I began to change my thoughts, change my habits, and surrounded
myself with positive people. People that would encourage me, motivate
me, and empower me.

I found a mentors. I began reading, studying, and learning the
things it took to change for the better.

When I gave up on the “NORM”, my life began to change.

You should too!

The World is Your Playground…


The world is your playground…

You were put on this earth to have anything you want,
but nobody said it was going to be easy. Nothing in life
is free.

Someone paid for it, even if it wasn’t you! And this includes
non-material things.

To have what you desire requires work, persistence,
and dedication. Learning, doing, having, and being whatever
it is you want.

Often times we give up on those things because it’s the easy
thing to do.

We get the EXCUSITIS…

We fall astray in lieu of the naysayers, laziness,
lack of knowledge, or our own self doubt.

I have been guilty of it all, but will continue working on a
better me over and over again.

Why? Because I’m worth it. And you are too.

Failure is just a minor setback for a major come-up!

You are your own worst enemy and until you can master
yourself will you truly understand your importance in the

Never cease striving to be the best and then even better
in any endeavor you choose.

Practice makes progress!

How to Write Powerful and Positive Affirmations


Writing affirmations is a powerful and uplifting personal experience.  Affirmations are simply positive or negative statements that we make, as we go through life and many life challenges. Our thoughts and feelings are what control our actions. Usually what we believe is how we are deep down inside. Words are powerful and if you don’t use them correctly they have the power to shape you in ways you wouldn’t believe. Is this true for all statements? Not exactly, but those that we internalize do.

Writing and internalizing our affirmations become important in shaping or reshaping our habits of thought. When your thoughts change you become someone different. How many times have you thought back to certain ways you used to act and thought to yourself now I could never be that person now? What if you had the ability to truly be and do anything your put your mind too? Well you can, but it takes learning and practice. We have all heard the saying from our parents “You can be anything you want to be can do anything you want to do.” They weren’t lying, but they didn’t tell you how you can do those things. It all starts with your mind, your thought patterns, and your actions.

How to Write Powerful Affirmations

  1. Use the First Person- Majority of the time you should begin using “I” statements. ( I will…, I am…) These statements do not have to be true statements, but statements of a personal choice or a certain behavior you desire to portray. For example, “I earn (X) amount of dollars by this day.” Or “I am so happy and grateful for the positive uplifting things happening in my life.
  2. Make them Declarative- Meaning leave out any adjectives or adverbs. Be brief and to the point. The objective is to make bold statements that come across as definite.
  3. Use Present Tense- “I am happy.” “I am 10 pounds lighter.” This is usually difficult for most people because it hasn’t happened yet and they have a hard time believing it putting into their mind self-doubt.
  4. Commit to Your Statements- Whatever you write down decide at that moment that it is what you are going to do and follow it every single day. Take no days off. If you do you must start over from day one. Even if you don’t believe what you are saying be/do it anyways. You are reshaping your mindset helping you to move forward in a powerful way each step you move forward. Read them daily and read them often…2-3 times a day. Eventually you will begin to believe it.

Begin immediately to take to necessary steps to reshaping your mind and reshaping your world. If there are things in your life you want to change you have to power to do so no matter what the situation. Initially it’s not easy, because your habits need to be redirected into new habits. It all begins with your thinking. When written properly affirmations can be an effective tool in creating the world you desire. Bringing forth the riches you seek mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.

Effective Internet Marketing Strategies You Need to Try

Simply Work from Home

People that run businesses know specifically how precious marketing is. Its main benefit is build up of brand awareness of your business’ market, thereby raising the amount of potential buyers and that with the purchasers themselves. Advertising these days have already been extended towards the world wide web. Because the culture mechanisms in the Web are significantly contrasting from the society offline, this necessitates the importance of Internet marketing strategies.

Such Internet marketing strategies are not complicated to find. Several companies have come up with strategies simply by paying attention to the behaviour of Web users. A few of the on line techniques developed by way of this approach are as follows:

Connecting with the Audience via Social Media

For anyone who is surfing the Internet long enough, you’re likely aware of internet sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. These are the major players of social media marketing, a method…

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How to be Successful Online


Success with an internet business is something that many people dream of, but never have the opportunity to see it come to life. Why? Because they never take the time to truly learn what the “business” requires. Internet Marketing is a true thriving business that you have to put time and effort in like any brick and mortar business. Many beginners think that setting up an online business is easy. Well it is, but it requires loads of work and time. And as Jim Rohn says, “For everything that’s easy to do its easy not to do.”

For instance…Let’s say the average person wants to start an online business. First thing they would do is purchase a domain name and hosting, a website. Check! Then purchase an Autoresponder. Check! And then find some products to promote whatever niche they were in. Check! You’re in business, right? Not so fast. You need traffic. And you need to know how to communicate with that traffic. Traffic, well how do I get traffic? Well traffic isn’t that easy because all traffic isn’t good traffic. You need targeted traffic that is hungry to acquire the information you are providing and ready to purchase when your product meets their need.

Setting up the business is half the battle. Marketing is the other half. If you expect to be successful online you must be successful in your marketing. To begin building a list of targeted traffic you must have the knowledge of how to get targeted traffic to your site/landing page, have great content, and have to knowledge to convert that traffic. It is that simple, but it is an art that requires practice. If you practice daily you will become better. Practice makes progress!

The problem is most people expect quick results and end up quitting before the ball gets rolling. Persistence is key. It’s easy to get discouraged when things aren’t going how you’d like, but keep on pressing forward and learning. Find a mentor, join blogs, forums, mastermind groups, read books that will inspire you, and never stop learning. Eventually good things will begin to happen. Just be smart about it and always focus on the long term. Good things are sure to come if you follow a blueprint.

When I began in Internet Marketing I was constantly researching things, but never taking action. If you don’t take action you will never get results. You will never be able to learn what you are doing right or what you are doing wrong. What you do wrong is positive information. It lets you know what you need not to do, its trial and error. Things really began to change for me when I found a mentor that helped me put the pieces together. I thought everything had to be perfect, but I’m here to tell you that it does not. You just have to begin and make the necessary changes as you go. Each step becomes a lot clearer and the road begins to become less clustered.  Take action and don’t give up!

No Obstacle is Too Great


 “The biggest obstacle you’ll ever face in life is you.”

                                                                         Les Brown

We all have problems. Life is full of problems, but it’s how we handle those problems that determine the course of our lives. Through my studies I have come to realize that the thoughts we think most are who we are, but not who we can be. Now to some that may not seem like rocket science, but it’s much deeper than what it sounds like on the surface. I have had many a conversation with friends that don’t believe in the power of thought and feel like the world on the outside determines what goes on in the inside. They live their lives being reactive instead of proactive. Responding to situations that happen to them instead of creating the situations they desire for themselves. I admit to having the same issue, but I now realize that I have the power to change that.

Divine powers have been given to us to create our own realities. The thoughts that we think all day create the outer world we live in. If you think about nothing all day, nothing changes. If you do nothing all day, nothing changes. The problem is when one has this state of mind…How do you correct it?

When one has been accustomed to thinking or living a certain way it becomes habit. Often our habits are difficult to change. Often times we don’t realize our habits are habits because it has become who we “think” we are. The ability to change by far has to be one of the greatest abilities that have been given to us as human beings. No other life form on earth has the ability to become anything other than what it is instinctually. We have been given the power to create, reason, rationalize, adapt, and change. All this time I have taken all those things for granted. Why? I really don’t know. It could be laziness or lack of knowledge.

I once heard that we take our mind for granted because it was given to us for free. We didn’t have to work for it, and we didn’t have to earn it. It was given to us so we do not see the importance in the power of the mind. Some people have been so programmed with fear of failure and criticism that they cannot think big enough to dream big. The self-doubt and content begins to be our reality because it is safe and comfortable.

I admit I had some problems recently, or so I thought, but what I have realized is how much your own mind can trick you into thinking things are worse than they really are. Don’t focus on your problems because that won’t change a thing. Focus your energy on solutions and I guarantee your problems will soon fade away.